“I really enjoyed our meetings of the HR Exchange, not just for the great HR information we received, but for the comradery we formed as a group of individuals with similar titles but very different work environments. I really benefited from round table discussions when we were able to discuss our sensitive HR issues with confidence that what was said in our conference room, stayed in our conference room.  I often came away with the knowledge that I was on the right track in how I handled a situation, or with ideas on how to handle it better in the future if the issue came up again. I also learned a lot from the others in our group as they discussed issues within their own companies. I highly recommend joining the HR Exchange because it’s a great place to learn the latest and greatest about HR from those who know the day-to-day life of an HR Manager”

Rhonda H.
Rhonda H.Beck and Hofer Construction

We depend on The Weston Group for strong HR Support.  They especially help us with regular coaching, job description drafting, employee handbook prep, job listings, compensation recommendations, and personality profile testing.  They are a great resource staying current with the ever-changing requirements of HR work and they are concise and decisive in their recommendations.  The Weston Group allows us to stay focused on our own people and business without trying to maintain all these functions in-house.  We highly recommend The Weston Group as a trusted HR partner!

Dave Moffatt
Dave MoffattPresident, Moffatt Products

I have had the pleasure to work with the Weston Group in the non-profit and for profit sectors over the past 3 years.  It has been a complete professional experience from the start.  A true partnership, I never felt alone for one second through some challenging business times. They have provided my teams with valuable trainings and Patricia has provided me with leadership training and counseling.  I would highly recommend the Weston Group, not only as top notch professionals but top notch people who always have your best interests in mind.

Derik Budig
Derik BudigCORE orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Classified Verticals and The Weston Group have collaborated on a few projects to assist in the recruitment process. We also outsource our Human Resource needs to The Weston Group. They have done a great job working with us on creating policies and handbooks. We have attended their HR trainings which have helped us gain the knowledge that we need for managing our employees. “We highly recommend The Weston Group to any employer looking for HR Support or Business Development needs.”

Scott Peterson and Richard Abild
Scott Peterson and Richard AbildClassified Verticals

The Weston Group has worked with us on several situations, helping us manage and implement our Human Resource decisions very effectively. The Weston Group’s associates are very experienced, professional and understand every aspect of Human Resources – it is very helpful to know that expert help and knowledge is now only a phone call or e-mail away. I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking to assess their current people management processes.

Chuck Nelson, Managing Partner
Chuck Nelson, Managing PartnerNelson & Nelson CPAs LLP

The services provided by the Weston Group have far exceeded our expectations. What began as a simple study of workplace satisfaction has turned out to be a wonderful relationship with a company that understands every aspect of HR and the employee/employer relationship. I would highly recommend Trish Dougherty and her fellow associates of the Weston Group to any size business.

Mike Gulick
Mike GulickRegional Director

The Weston Group helped my hospital through transition of our HR Director position and served as interim until the new person started. They have a strong understanding of organization interdependencies and can develop and clearly communicate an action plan to resolve deep rooted issues related to human recourses management. They are experts at prioritizing and triaging multiple issues and efficiently utilizing available resources.

Christine Buttell
Christine ButtellChief of Patient Care Services

The Weston Group took a very disorganized wage and hour scale and turned it into an extremely workable resource. They found attainable suggestions for immediate, short term & long term changes to our pay scale that took into account our limited budget & high need to be competitive. They paid extreme attention to detail, were prompt in their responses and a pleasure to work with.

Michele Batiste
Michele BatisteDirector of Human Resources

The Weston Group has a wealth of experience in the health care industry, combining a   clinical background in nursing with a business application and overall human resources expertise. Their ability to plan strategy, and efficiently deliver operational and quality service, in keeping with mission, vision and values is unique. I have experienced this with both organized, as well as non union organizations. I would highly recommend The Weston Group as a consulting firm.

K. Bruce Stickler
K. Bruce SticklerHealth, Labor and Employment Law

Albert Einstein is quoted as having said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” That is where we were one year ago. We needed an outside perspective. Someone to come in and assess our management structure and operations in order to stop the insanity. The Weston Group did that for us. Guided us through a much needed change of efficiencies within our organization. Changes that have made us stronger and better positioned to embrace our ever-changing health care environment. I commend Patricia Dougherty and her team for all that they do and would recommend them to any organization who finds themselves in the position we were in.

Jim Iverson
Jim IversonAdministrator