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You have needs and we have answers. The Weston Group provides you with the HR help when you need it, When you need it and at a price you can afford. Perhaps you need temporary HR support while you recruit a full-time replacement; short-term assistance for someone on medical or military leave; an on-site mentor to help strengthen your HR support ranging from seasoned HR executives to hands-on HR support staff, all while we save you money because you pay only for what you need and only during the time you need it.

Your organization may benefit from our years of experience by tapping into The Weston Group's staff of human resource professionals. Our HR consultants can serve as an interim human resource manager or as a mentor to an individual who is being readied for new or additional responsibilities. Our consultants can supplement existing staff, perform project based work, or establish or maintain a Human Resources presence at your company.

Our consultants can serve you as On-Site Human Resources Professionals available to perform and/or oversee professional human resources functions at your worksite. Customized solutions can be developed to meet the needs of your situation.

Our Services

  • HR Risk Assessment

    In today's fast changing world it is easy to get into costly trouble. We're on your side. A review by our trained staff identifies potential problems with record keeping, out-of-date policies and procedures, or other potential "land mine" issues that can bring expensive penalties if discovered by an outside investigator. The Weston Group's experts guide you through the process to make sure your practices are adequate, legal and effective. We provide you with a detailed report, including an executive summary that prioritizes recommendations. We will give you the information you need to improve your HR administration and avoid trouble. Our areas of review include, but are not limited to:
    • Pre-Employment/Staffing
      • Recruitment
      • Job Descriptions
      • Employment Application Form
      • Interviewing & Hiring Procedures
      • Reference Checking Procedures
    • Employment
      • New Hire Reporting
      • New Hire Orientation
      • Employee Handbook
      • Disciplinary Action
      • Training Programs
    • Record-keeping
      • Employee Records and Files
      • Required State/Federal Posters
      • Form I-9 Administration
    • Benefits
      • Communication of Benefits
      • Plan Documents
      • COBRA
      • FMLA
    • Compensation
      • State and Federal Exemptions
      • Timekeeping Requirements
      • Pay Practices
      • Performance Management and Review
      • Independent Contractors
    • Affirmative Action Plans/Federal EEO Requirements

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  • Recruitment & Retention

    Hiring the right employees for any size company can be extremely difficult and very time consuming. Nevertheless, recruiting top workers should be a priority for every firm and your company should be no different.

    Since staffing talent can take significant effort and internal HR costs can prove expensive, many organizations consider using a recruitment company. At The Weston Group, we work in great depth with each client. We listen to specific needs and present them with specialized leadership candidates who meet requirements, exceed expectations and deliver a quality return on investment. Our methodology is consultative in nature and designed to assure meaningful consideration of the most talented personnel.

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  • Wage & Salary Issues

    Good employees expect good pay. Does your salary and benefits package stack up? Recruiting and retaining good people can be difficult, unless you offer a salary and benefits package that's current and competitive. We can help you become a "preferred" employer, without breaking the bank. Here's how The Weston Group can help. We will work with you to create a compensation program that gives you the competitive advantage you need and can afford by using a market-based approach and considering your organization's financial resources. The Weston Group will show you how to put your payroll to work for you. Using benchmarks and peer analyses, we identify weaknesses in your current compensation program. Then we show you how to modify and administer your new structure, including budgeting, communications and implementation. This review can be done as a desk audit or include an on-site visit with management and employee focus groups. Our experts:
    • Compare your current pay scales with selected national, regional, state and local benchmarks
    • Reveal where your facility stands in relation to its competitors
    • Recommend a redesign of your wage and salary structures when needed
    • Show you how to place jobs into the new pay structure
    • Develop an implementation plan to help HR personnel administer the program
    • Design a comprehensive communication plan for employees
    • Have seasoned experience in healthcare operations
    Be the employer of choice. Your employees make your organization what it is. And you're competing for them. We'll help you recruit and retain the best. Contact us for more information.

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  • Process Improvement & Labor Expense Management

    Labor is central to operations in all organizations. Departmental inefficiencies can have enormous impact on an organization's productivity, as well as on its expenses. The Weston Group's approach to labor expense management is rooted in process improvement within departments, rationalization of activities across services including consolidations of activities/departments, focus on premium pay and benefit expense and review of organizational structure within departments to reduce management layers prior to benchmarking department productivity. Productivity targets are designed to sustain productivity gains over the long term.

    We target optimal areas for improvement and focus on those select areas. Our professionals are experienced operators who improve performance by eliminating non-value-added work and by offering sustainable recommendations. These operational changes often have a positive ripple effect throughout the organization. Contact us for more information.

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  • Conflict Management

    In most situations, unproductive conflict in the workplace can be resolved. The Weston Group's resolution process can also be helpful to prevent future conflicts from getting out of control.

    However, sometimes a conflict isn't easily resolved internally and you need an expert in conflict resolution and human behavior to address the issues. Conflict situations that require an outside expert include:

    • Someone is uncooperative, denies there's a problem, asserts they're a victim, etc.
    • Behavior and language are intolerable
    • Owners, partners, key executives or managers are directly involved
    • Destructive conflict is becoming the company norm
    • The conflicts are repetitive, involving the same people or issues
    • The conflict spreads, involving others, affecting their morale and the workplace atmosphere

    At The Weston Group, we know how to create permanent solutions for workplace conflicts. We are experts at determining the root causes, thoughtfully assessing the situation, and putting effective, long-term solutions in place.

    If you think you may need expert help resolving a workplace conflict in your organization, please contact us. We'll be glad to talk with you.

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  • Change Management

    Organizations often struggle with the complexity of change programs. The process that will deliver success without disrupting current operations can seem elusive.

    Whatever change you need to implement - whether it's reducing costs, preparing for a merger or transforming the strategy that drives your business - the answer always lies in your people.

    At The Weston Group, we have extensive experience helping clients to manage change, and we never lose sight of the importance of people in designing and delivering successful change programs.

    Our approach to change management consulting

    We offer the exact opposite to a rigid, textbook approach, with expert change management consultants ready to listen to your needs and consider the right way forward given your company's unique situation.

    Our experience is real and hands-on. So rest assured our high-caliber change management consultants have developed all the practical tools and techniques to deliver your business change successfully.

    The importance of mastering change

    The global markets we now operate in demand that organizations continuously evolve and change in order to succeed. So, the ability to master change will be a significant competitive advantage for organizations of the future.

    Change Management itself has evolved over the years, too - and is now seen as a particular set of skills, tools, methods and techniques that when used correctly can bring about effective change.

    The Weston Group has been involved in developing and implementing change management for more than a decade and in this time we have developed our own, highly successful approach to change management consultancy.

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  • Leadership Training & Mentoring

    Today, organizations are faced with many challenges, not the least of which is constant change. Workforce diversity, reorganization of workgroups, diminishing resources, technological innovations, rising worker expectations and the changing routine of the work itself all challenge leaders in ways they've never been challenged before. To meet these challenges, leaders need new strategies and new skills.

    Our business advisors offer training on a wide variety of topics to a variety of industries. These are custom designed to meet the specific needs of each audience. Topic areas include: supervisory/management, clerical, career development and general performance improvement such as interpersonal communication, time management, problem solving, setting goals, stress management, conflict and confrontation, dealing with change, etc.

    Our Frontline Leadership Academy is one of our signature series for management staff at all levels. It consists of various modules instilling the qualities and the attributes that make a successful front-line leader. Train your Supervisors to "LEAD - not just manage" and watch your organization reach higher levels of achievement.

    Major Benefits to Your Organization:
    • Improved productivity and results
    • Enhanced teamwork
    • Motivated people
    • People accepting responsibility and accountability
    • Less conflict
    • Fewer performance and discipline issues
    • Effective communication
    • Higher levels of goal achievement
    • Less need for crisis management
    • Decreased risk, liability and employment litigation

    Major Benefits to the Individual:
    • Better use of time
    • Feeling more in control
    • Reduced stress
    • More confidence
    • More empathy and understanding of people
    • Improved communication and coaching skills
    • Better overall management skills
    • Reduced stress
    • Improved goal-setting
    • Enhanced self-image
    • Aptitude to lead people
    • Improved listening skills
    • Succeed in an environment of respect, trust and fun!

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