2017 Leadership Training

Leadership Training in South Dakota and Sioux City, IA

The Weston Group – Human Capital Advisors

The quarterly HR Management series will provide frontline leaders with everything you need to know to effectively manage employees in the workplace. You’ll learn how to avoid the most common HR mistakes, improve employee retention and manage performance!

Who Should Attend?

Frontline Supervisors or Managers, Office Managers, Small to Midsized Business Owners, or any individual who has HR-related responsibility

HR Sessions Include:

  • Training provided experienced HR professionals & employment experts
  • PowerPoint presentations and handouts.
  • Certificates of Attendance for 3.0 hours of Continuing Education Hours for each session
  • Examples of forms, tools & other resources provided

Session Details


    • Top Ten –Rules Every Supervisor Should Know
    • Understand Conflict and How You Can Quickly Assess and Diffuse Issues
    • Learn How to Interview and Select Employees For Your Company
    • Equal Opportunity is the Law of the Land
    • You are the Company
  • Session #2 - EMPLOYMENT LAW

    Federal & State Regulatory Compliance Issues for Employers

    • Know Your Company Policies
    • Basics of ADA/FMLA/Workers’ Compensation
    • How the FMLA and ADA Impact Absenteeism and Tardiness
    • What Employment Laws Affect Employers
    • Methods to Prevent Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
    • Understand How a Frontline Supervisor is Vulnerable to Employment Litigation

    How They Effect Morale and Productivity

    • Fair Labor Standards Act: Understand Wage & Hour, Exempt and Non-Exempt classifications, Independent Contractors, Overtime and Salary Administration
    • Learn which benefits are employees most interested in and how to maximize your ROI

    Coaching & Corrective Action

    • Employees Deserve Feedback: Employees Are People Too
    • Managing Performance and Productivity with Current Employees
    • Managing Attitudes and Undesirable Behaviors in the Workplace
    • How to Legally Terminate Poor Performers with Bulletproof
    • Documentation: Hire Right, Fire Right